Merlin Biomedical Consulting LLC

The difficult we do immediately.

The impossible takes a little longer.

To contact us:

Phone: 973-685-6068

Skype: Jay.Wiggins

E-mail: info@merlinbioconsult.con

What we do

MERLIN provides assistance in the processes and evaluation of

 Business Development

 Preclinical Sciences

 Clinical Development

 Project Management

Strategic Thinking and Project Planning

Project Implementation

MERLIN Biomedical Consulting LLC provides assistance with the implementation of your project, including

 Assistance with Investigational New Drug (IND, US) and Clinical Trial Authorization (EU) preparation

 Protocol design and study oversight

 Risk management/Drug safety

 Medical writing, including both study reports and critical reviews of the scientific literature

 Assistance with preparation of study results for medical and scientific publications

 Assistance with NDA preparation

 Independent review of INDs, NDAs, CTAs, preclinical and clinical study protocols, and study reports

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